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Why haven't we had an Article V Convention yet?

The United States is well over 200 years old and the Article V Library documents over 400 Article V applications, most of which are still in force. Every state in the union except Hawaii has passed at least one Article V application. So why haven't we had an Article V Convention?

History reveals an interesting trend with respect to Article V applications: every time they  have begun to accumulate, rather than preparing to issue a convention call, Congress has instead thwarted a convention by proposing an amendment of its own. This occurred with the Bill of Rights, abolition of slavery, direct election of Senators, and the repeal of Prohibition. Article V opponents want us to believe that there hasn't been a convention yet because Article V is too dangerous. The truth is, no one wants to have their power and privilege curtailed, and Congress⎯the body charged with counting applications and calling the convention⎯is no exception.

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