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Constitution Resources

A More or Less Perfect Union: An overview of the Constitution produced by PBS


An Article V Primer (4 pages): Vickie Deppe, Managing Editor, State Legislators Article V Caucus Newsletter


Article V and the Amendment Process (3 pages): Khan Academy

The Article V Information Center:  a Project of the Independence Institute moderated by Professor Rob Natelson


The Article V Library: A searchable database of Article V applications 


Article V of the Constitution (17 minutes): Khan Academy


Article V: The Amendment Process With Daniel Okrent (38 minutes): The National Constitution Center


The Constitution: A Nation of States (5 minutes): Kurt Lash, Professor of Law, University of Richmond

Founding-Era Conventions and the Meaning of the Constitution's "Convention for Proposing Amendments" (96 pages): Robert G. Natelson, Florida Law Review

Making a Constitutional Convention Safe for Democracy: Lawrence Lessig, Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership, Harvard Law School

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