The Academy of States is a collaborative effort of leading advocates who desire that our several state legislatures would bring reform to our federal government through a convention authorized and empowered by Article V of the U.S. Constitution.



Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center

Denver, CO

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  • a convention could take place within the next 24 months!

  • there is a widespread perception that Washington is not serving the best interests of the states and the American people, and you can do something about it! 

  • as President Obama famously said, “You can’t change Washington from the inside.” 



This workshop will equip state legislatures with practical skills to effectively prepare for and participate in a convention to propose amendments. Topics include: 

  1. Drafting a delegate selection statute. 

  2. Creating delegate instruction, oversight, and enforcement measures.

  3. The need for bipartisan cooperation in order to draft and ratify amendments. 


Session 1:  Delegate Selection

Sam Fieldman, National Counsel for Wolf-PAC, and Vickie Deppe, Director of Education for Path To Reform, will discuss options and considerations to equip you to draft a delegate selection statute that reflects the needs and sensibilities of your state.

Session 2:  Delegate Instruction and Oversight

Michael Sterns and David Guldenschuh, constitutional and legal experts, will provide guidance regarding how to instruct delegates. They will also discuss how to impose an accountability structure and steps that may be taken in the event a delegate violates the instructions they have been given.

Session 3:  Overcoming Convention Apprehension


Rep Ken Ivory (R-UT) and Rep Carmine Gentile (D-MA) will facilitate a cross-partisan dialogue with emphasis on the high bar of ratification. After participating, members of the minority party should feel more comfortable that the majority will not be able to unilaterally impose policies they believe will harm their constituents. Members of the majority party should have a greater appreciation for the fact that they’re going to need the support of the minority party if the work product of their convention has any chance of being ratified.

speakers and sponsors

Carmine Gentile.jpg

Carmine Gentile

Massachusetts State Representative

Michael Stern.JPG

Michael Sterns

Keynote Presenter

Constitutional Lawyer


Vickie Deppe

Keynote Presenter

Director of Education

Path To Reform

Sam Fieldman.JPG

Sam Fieldman

Keynote Presenter

National Counsel


bruce lee.jpg

W. Bruce Lee

Academy Presenter

Phoenix Correspondence Commission

Frank and Carol.jpg

Frank & Carol Keeney

Academy Sponsor

Act 2 Reform

Path To Reform

John Cogswell.JPG

John Cogswell

Academy Sponsor

Campaign Constitution

David Biddulph.JPG

David Biddulph

Academy Sponsor

Entrepreneur and Political Activist


National Constitution Center

Video:   January 26, 2022

Article V: The Amendment Process

State Legislators Article V Caucus

PDF:   An Article V Primer (4 pages)

by Vickie Depper

David Biddulph, Co-Founder of the Let Us Vote For a BBA citizen’s campaign

Video:  What is the history and significance of the state convention mode of ratification?

Delegate Selection & Oversight Legislation 

Note: not all of these measures are currently in force but still serve as useful model legislation. 








New Hampshire (draft legislation)


North Dakota (page 28)


South Dakota     







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