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Marcus Costantino

Director of Communications

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John Cogswell


Leadership Team


Neal Schuerer, President, joined Path To Reform in February 2019. A successful 20-year career in hospitality, real estate, and sales management gave Neal the real-world experience necessary to be an effective voice in both state- and national-level politics. Neal's two terms in the Iowa State Senate included multiple chairmanships as well as a term as Assistant Majority Leader. He has also served as District Director for a United States Congressman and as the Executive Director of a major-party presidential primary campaign. Neal is a member of the State Legislators Article V Caucus Steering Committee, a policy expert at The Heartland Institute Center for Constitutional Reform,

and a Commissioner to the Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention & Phoenix Correspondence Commission.


Kevin Lundberg, Senior Advisor, is a former Colorado State Senator and long-time Article V advocate. He chairs the State Legislators Article V Caucus Steering Committee, serves as the Executive Director for the Colorado Republican Study Committee, publishes The Lundberg Report, and hosts a weekly Breakfast Club Zoom call. He also runs his own media and video production company. 

Vickie Deppe, Director of Education, has been part of the Article V movement since 2014. Working in the Illinois House of Representatives, she assembled a bipartisan coalition in support of the Convention of States Project application that included leadership from both parties as well as members of the Women's Caucus, the Black Caucus, the Hispanic Caucus, and members from all parts of the state. She successfully shepherded the legislation through two "kill" committees and secured an 8-0 do-pass vote from the House Executive Committee. In addition to creating and delivering educational content tailored to the specific needs of state legislators, Vickie also serves as the Managing Editor of the State Legislators Article V Caucus Newsletter.


Peggy Propst, Director of Partner Engagement, joined Path To Reform in 2023. As a former elected official and educator, she has excellent communication and organizational skills. She is known as a "go getter" and is driven to accomplishment and excellent customer service. She will serve and assist our partners in gaining understanding of how we must all work together to create a more perfect union.


Marcus Costantino, Media Manager, joined Path To Reform in June 2020.  From a 20-year business career, he brings a wealth of sales, marketing, and management skills to the group, including social media and website management.  Marcus owns the publishing company CENTURYpress. As a marketing, retail, and publishing consultant, his projects include ghostwriting white papers for business leaders and contributing content to Got Questions Ministries.  Marcus' most recent book is What's Next?, a book for young professionals on a career trajectory.


John Cogswell, Chairman, is a former United States Marine who has graduate from Yale University, Georgetown Law Center, and the Naval Justice School. While attending law school full-time, he also clerked for a United States Congressman full-time. John has practiced law since 1965 and has been admitted to the bars of the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the 10th Circuit and the District of Columbia, U.S. District Courts in Colorado, Kansas, and the District of Columbia, the U.S. Court of Military Appeals, the U.S. Tax Court, and the Supreme Courts of Colorado and Kansas. John ran for the United States Senate in 1978 and 1980.


Over the years, John has seen the steady erosion of the rights of everyday Americans at the hands of federal officials, and recommends process amendments (not policy proposals) to the Constitution initiated by the states under their Article V power because Congress, which has the most to lose if the needed changes are implemented, will never fix the system.  He has proposed 44 amendments to the Constitution. Visitors can learn more and vote on John's proposals at

John helped found Path To Reform to equip and mobilize the states to demand an Article V Convention where these and other amendments may be considered.

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