Leadership Team


Neal Schuerer, Executive Director.   Neal joined Act 2 in February 2019 as Executive Director. He has a strong background in state-level politics and the private business sector:

  • Served two terms in the Iowa State Senate; elected assistant majority leader; chaired a number of committees and sub-committees; implemented performance budgeting best practices in all appropriation sub-committees; appointed by the governor to several state task forces.

  • Served 4 years as District Director for US Congressman, managing his local office.

  • Executive Director of a campaign seeking major party nomination for president.

  • Successful 20-year career in business included real estate sales and sales management; founded and managed a restaurant and convention center for the Amana Colonies of Iowa, which he sold; and was director of operations for a chain of franchised restaurants.

In recent years, Neal has focused on government reform programs, and serves as:

  • Chair, Colorado Committee of Correspondence

  • Steering committee member, State Legislators Article V Caucus

  • Policy expert, The Heartland Institute Center for Constitutional Reform

  • Commissioner, Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention

Email: Neal@PathToReform.org


Marcus Costantino, Media Manager joined Act 2 in June 2020.  From a 20-year business career, brings a wealth of sales, marketing, and management skills to the group, including social media and website management responsibility.  Other career highlights:

  • Owner of CENTURYpress, a publishing company

  • Contributing writer to Got Questions Ministries 

  • Ghostwriting of whitepapers for Business Leaders

  • Marketing, Retail, and Publishing Consulting

  • Author of What's Next? A book written for young professionals on a career trajectory

Email: Marcus@PathToReform.org


Wendy Reeves, Director of Administration and Assistant to Neal Schuerer joined Act 2 Reforms in March of 2019.  Wendy has held responsible positions in small to mid-size businesses and enjoys volunteer work in community organizations.

  • Business Experience: Marketing and Sales – trade shows, advertising, powerpoint presentations, proposals for national accounts, marketing flyers and brochures, ReadyOp database system

  • Financial – Accounting, payroll, tax liaison

  • Administration – Day to day office work and management

  • Volunteer Work: Church Director of Women’s Ministry, Assistant Manager of community retail thrift store

Email: Wendy@PathToReform.org



Carol and Frank Keeney were the founders of Act 2 and serve on the board of directors of Act 2 Inc, a Colorado non-profit corporation that sponsors the Act Reform movement.  Frank, a retired businessman, is the author of the Act 2 literature.  His 52-year business career included three years on active duty with the US Navy Supply Corps during the Korean War; 22 years working in large companies (Deloitte Touche, IBM, and Smith Barney) where his assignments included auditing, consulting, sales, financial planning, CFO and Executive Committee roles; and 26 years in small business startups and turnaround situations (as Founder, CEO and CFO).

After his retirement in 2002, Frank developed a keen interest in government and read extensively on the subject.  This led him in 2010, with the support of his wife Carol, to begin work on the Act 2 program for reorganization and fundamental reform of our federal government.  His broad business background uniquely prepared him to analyze the structural problems of our government and recommend common-sense solutions for them. 

Throughout his career, Frank sought professional consulting help as needed to supplement his own experience.  In developing the Act 2 reform recommendations he continued this practice, benefiting from the advice of a highly respected constitutional scholar and other knowledgeable parties.  The Keeneys also relied on strategic marketing companies for help in starting the Act 2 movement, developing its websites, and market testing a number of public outreach programs.

Frank and Carol have been married for 69 years.  They live in New York, where they enjoy reading, writing, and volunteer work.  They cherish family time with their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  Their concern for the state of the nation they are bequeathing to them motivated them to create Act 2, and they are passionate about it.  For Frank's CV, click here.

To view the Act 2 Inc suggested government reforms, click here.

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