Distrust High in Colorado


A one-page document showing the results of a February 2021 online survey regarding Colorado registered voters' level of trust in various governments and media.


Colorado: Election Fraud Test Kitchen

Holly at Altitude

Published by the author at hollyataltitude.com, this is a 2600 word article expressing concerns about Dominion electronic voting manipulation, election fraud in Colorado, Colorado voter ID rules, and more, all examined through her lens as a 2020 election judge.


Concerns in El Paso County, Colorado

Concerned Citizens

An open letter from four Colorado residents who are election integrity experts to Dr. John C. Eastman expressing concern over 20,000 phantom ballots in the county and requesting help from the Public Interest Legal Foundation to overcome roadblocks in the El Paso County Clerk and Recorders office.


El Paso County Election System Vulnerabilities

March 4, 2021

PDF of the presentation to residents of El Paso County on March 4, 2021.

Presents research and concerns pertaining to electronic voting systems and possible fraudulent activities. 


El Paso County Voting Irregularites

May 18, 2021

PDF of the presentation to residents of El Paso County on May 18, 2021. 


Presents data from recent elections and county voter rolls that raises questions about free and fair elections.


Why Did They Fight for Independence?

Captain Levi Preston

This is the record of a brief conversation Mellen Chamberlain and Captain Levi Preston (c. 1843) on why Americans went to war for their independence from Britain.

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About Federalism

     Former State Senators         Kevin Lundberg (CO)

and Neal Schuerer (IA)


PDF summarizing various thoughts of the purpose and value of federalism and the Constitutional writings on the authority reserved to the States and the citizens.

Vote Twice.png

El Paso County Election Results Analyzed

Jeff , Lynda Zamora Wilson, and Neal Schuerer

PDF presenting voter population, voter rolls, and voting results in recent El Paso County presidential elections that raise more questions than give answers.